Meet the Associate - Sharon - PA Today
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Meet the Associate – Sharon

Meet the Associate – Sharon

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Sharon is a Professional Associate with an impressive variety of experience and skills. With over 11 years’ experience in Event Management and a natural flair for Executive Management.

Sharon’s skills and experiences cover Change Management, Travel Management, Relationship Management and Process Improvement.
Specifically, Sharon can help you to organise your next corporate event, compile and execute corporate gifts, manage your diary and PA tasks and suggest and automate improvements in your business.

Sharon also runs her own corporate gifts company, so she has an excellent understanding of the demands on self employed entrepreneurs and professionals.

Sharon works from home and also on site in Cheshire. Ideally working for half a day or a full day, she can transform the foundations of your business to improve communications, customer service and relationship management.

If you would like Sharon’s support to develop your business, get in touch today.

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