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Last Push for 2018!

Last Push for 2018!

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How has your year been so far?

Do you feel like you’re winning, or are you dragging your heels? Is 2018 all that you hoped for?

Christmas holidays are just around the corner; time for one last push before the festivities begin, so that you can truly relax during Christmas week.

It’s easy to get distracted by Christmas in early December. The glitter, the lunchtime drinks, the glorious food, and of course the Christmas shopping for those who love a little retail therapy. If you are easily distracted, December can be a whole month of socialising, shopping and daydreaming!

Don’t get us wrong, we’re in no way telling you not to enjoy the run-up to Christmas, and in fact it’s our favourite time of the year; as friends and family gather at a time when lives are hectic, and priorities are constantly changing. But take the time to map out your weeks so that you have an achievable balance of work and play.

When do you set your targets for the year ahead? In December or January of the new year? Are you on a shortcut to the next round of goal-setting or are you laser-focused on achieving what you have set out to hit this year. If you can begin to think of what you’d like to achieve next year in the next few weeks, goal setting in January will be a breeze (and is less likely to be blurred by a fog of Advocat and leftover mince pies!)

Can you enlist support from your peers, team members, support network, accountability partner or mentors? Working with someone else can often have an impressive impact on the outcome of your ambitions.

What ever you look to achieve, enjoy the journey and learn from each step. Those learnings can be taken with you along the way and will impact upon your future approach; what you do and how you do it.

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