Are you feeling the New Year pressure? - PA Today
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Are you feeling the New Year pressure?

Are you feeling the New Year pressure?

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Healthy living – how is it going?

So, you’ve been committed to a better life in January. Salad every day packed for lunch, gym membership maxed out, mindfulness on your mind, leading the team at work to greater things, making great strides in your business. How are you feeling? Sometimes it can all feel a little too much though can’t it!

Let me ask you something:

If you were to lie under the stars this evening what would you think about (apart from how cold it is)?! An abstract musing, perhaps, but it comes down to simplifying your aims and simplifying your life – if you have the basics covered, what else do you truly need?

What are your simple pleasures in life? And what, more importantly is causing your feeling of being overwhelmed?

  • Your surroundings
  • Your skillset
  • Your lack of organisation
  • Spreading yourself too ‘thinly’


Your brain could be all a whirl, like a washing machine, jumbled with all of the tasks that you feel you need to complete. Or you could be a classic magpie, distracted by the next new shiny thing that you think will change your life.

Take the pressure off, you have the whole of the year to achieve your goals… tackle them little and often; be steady, consistent and focused and you’re much more likely to achieve them. Stay accountable, stay on track and you will achieve great things. By pushing yourself too hard, with the potential of burn out, you will risk unhappiness and other negatives; for yourself and those around you; it’s really not worth the risk.

When was the last time that you celebrated the little wins in life? Begin this week – what a fantastic resolution to make for the rest of 2019; to make the most of each achievement and opportunity with a small celebration…however small. Make February the new January and who knows what you may have achieved by November!

Prioritise, shout for help where you might need it, play to your strengths and things will almost certainly work out in your favour.

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