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Are you prioritising in the right way?

Are you prioritising in the right way?

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How do you know where to spend your time?

You may have been in business for many years, or perhaps you’re just starting out. How are things going? Do you have your workload under control, are your staff engaged and happy? 

How about your cash flow? Are your forecasts accurate? And that tax return prep – is it under control? Just listing these aspects to consider is making me dizzy!

Time is a finite resource and it makes sense to prioritise the work that you tackle in order to make the most of your time. 

Your strengths.
What are you good at, and most importantly what do you enjoy? If your current work isn’t leaving you feeling inspired or energised for the future, why are you doing it? 

Based upon your vision
How is life looking in the near future, how about in the distance? Make sure that your tasks today are aligned with your long term vision for success. 

The urgent
What is most pressing that you need to get out of your ‘in-tray’ today? Author Brian Tracy talks about ‘eating that frog’ when it comes to prioritising your actions to maximise your productivity. Eat that frog at the start of your day and you will be left with more time to tackle the jobs that you really get pleasure from. 

For the long term
In business, especially in the early days, we can get caught up in the here and now – what is most pressing this week. Take a wider view to your business; your financial forecast and your overall wellbeing deserve this. 

As part of a bigger picture
How does your business fit in with the bigger picture; your family, friends, home, ambitions? It can be extremely difficult to get the work-life balance right in the early days of business, as you feel like you’re being pulled in all directions. But if this is the case, do you have a strategy to follow in order to get the balance right? 

So that you are making progress
Feel like you’re constantly busy but not really getting anywhere? It could be that you are suffering from a ‘magpie’ approach to your business. Constantly looking for the next attractive, shiny object to turn your attention to. If this sounds like you, take some time and write down all of the projects that you are currently tackling over the next month. Does the list seem never-ending? Will all of these tasks result in a tangible change to your life by the end of the month? If not, it may be time to slim down your approach and prioritise what you feel is most important to your business in the short term. 

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