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Are you visible enough?

Are you visible enough?

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When running your own business it is one thing to be doing ‘a good job’; providing customers with what they want, increasing your earning potential and developing opportunities for future growth, but are you visible enough? Do people think of you when they are looking for an offering similar to yours?

Alternatively, how aware are you of your competition?
If you feel like you know your competition’s offering inside-out, it may be that they are better at being visible. 

If you want to increase your reach and ensure that you are more visible to consumers, ensure that you’ve got these areas ticked off:

If you don’t already network as part of your business activity, what is stopping you? Is it time, confidence, your schedule or something else? Whatever is holding you back, be assured that there are plenty of networking opportunities available to suit a range of circumstances. Whether in person or online, morning, daytime or evening, you will find an event locally to suit you. 
There are also many networking opportunities outside of traditional networks. The golf course, local gym and many community initiatives can provide ideal places to introduce yourself and your business. 

Social media
How do your social media accounts look? Are you actively updating your content to reflect your activities? Although updating your social media accounts may seem like a drain on your time, it is essential that each of your customer touch-points are up to the minute and responsive to your audience needs.

Traditional marketing

With more marketing channels on offer than ever before, you really do have an impressive choice of methods to promote yourself and your business. So how are you doing this? Do you have your activities planned out for the year? If not, it would be useful to do this; to align with your budget and your available resource. Take some time to review your activities and campaigns and see how these are likely to impact your goals for the remainder of the year.

Your website
Your shop window to the world; your website is often the place where your first impressions last, with clients, or potential clients.
If you are far from proud of the impression that it gives, then consider taking some time, or finding resource to update your site. Clear, concise and regularly updated is the way forward here. 

People power
Who knows about your business? Are you surrounded by advocates, supporters and peers? If not, start to assemble your power team – the team of supporters that all business owners need to be a success. They could vary from an accountant, mentor, advocate or friendly ear. Everyone’s needs are different, but we all need to check our point on our business journey from time to time, and your power team can help you do this.

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