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How to develop your business

How to develop your business

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So you have your sights set on your goal, you’ve planned out your actions for the year and you know how you’re going to achieve them. But can you grow your business further in the meantime?

The key here is to keep momentum up, keep yourself accountable to your actions (and those of your team if applicable) and stay open minded to opportunities. Creating your own opportunities also goes a long way to achieving growth within your business. 

Increase your network – How active are you in reaching out 

Review your offering – what else can you add to your offering? Can you add value?

Conduct research – Are you confident as to what your customers, or potential customers are looking for? 

Seek outside influence – be inspired by those around you, and if required, seek inspiration from external sources. Do you read sector specific books or listen to podcasts? 

Ask for feedback and thoughts – have you missed anything?

Take action – be the force behind the business that you want to be. Don’t overthink your actions for too long – this can lead to procrastination and stagnation. By getting out there and trialling new initiatives or services you may just hit on a target opportunity.

Develop yourself – continue to develop yourself through learning, interaction and involvement. You must remain enthusiastic and engaged within your business if you are to attract the interest of others; whether they may be customers, investors or other groups of note. 

I’d love to know how you’ve grown your business within the last twelve months; have you felt the need to recruit extra support to achieve your business ambitions?

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