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The art of compounding your efforts

The art of compounding your efforts

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Compounding your efforts is truly an art form.

In order to compound your efforts to see a noticeable change, you must first be consistent in your efforts. The determination to carry on when things get tough can carry us through. Like a toddler learning to walk or an adult learning a new language, patience, perseverance and time is key here. 

Compounding our efforts and learning from our previous experience can really increase our confidence as we begin to see the fruits of our labour appear. It becomes a positive cycle which can spur on further effort and create greater results.

Are you taking enough action? Big talk, ambition and aspiration will only take us so far. It is the action which takes us from ambition to achievement. 

Compounding is, by its very nature, a gradual effort, built up over time and will often, slowly, go unrecognised. The saying goes that it takes years to build an overnight success. This is very true, and can sometimes feel longer when times get tough, but before you know it , you 

With gradual effort comes gradual progress. Consider this the next time that you feel frustrated. It will all come in time. 

By starting small and building up slowly, you are able to easily measure and maintain your efforts. What have you started slowly in your business? Are you still measuring the growth from this early start?

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