Is a VA right for your business? - PA Today
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Is a VA right for your business?

Is a VA right for your business?

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When we speak to potential clients about the possibility of them hiring a VA, they often have many questions that they would like us to answer
Questions such as; ‘What if we don’t hit it off?’
‘What if our personalities clash or they simply don’t ‘get’ me and what I’m trying to achieve in business?’
Never fear, we have a summary of the most common queries right here for you to read through to set your mind at ease;

How will I know if they’re right for me and my product/service?
As a team, we take great pride in matching appropriate skills and experience with each assignment that we take on.
It is in everyone’s interest that we match the skills of our VA Associates closely with those needed for the role. This also includes personality types, as we are all human.
We have a large pool of Associates to choose from and take the time to evaluate strengths and experience of each person.

What if my workload reduces?
We offer a truly flexible service that grows with your business. So if your workload reduces and you need less support for a while, this is no problem. Equally, we are here with additional hands on deck if you need them during busy periods.

How do they differ to a permanent member of staff?

With a VA you don’t need to worry about the admin tasks that come along with hiring a member of your team. No pensions or holiday pay to organise. We are ready and set to concentrate on the task at hand straight away.

Do I need to provide an office space?

No, not unless you want your VA to have the option of working onsite. Your new team member can work remotely and keep in contact via telephone, email, Zoom etc to ensure that you remain updated.

What about induction?

One of the many benefits of using a VA is that they are ready to hit the ground running with your project. This is due to their experience within their role and the current marketplace. Many VA’s are experienced in working with businesses and other organisations of all shapes and sizes and bring this experience with them to help grow your business with you.

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