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Staying ahead in uncertain times

Staying ahead in uncertain times

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Right now, ‘keeping it simple’ could be argued as the most appropriate way to stay ahead whilst the world feels topsy-turvy. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed as work and life has merged into an unfamiliar blend that we are all trying to wrap our heads around.

As many parts of the UK start to slowly come out of Lockdown, it throws questions is the air as to when business will truly return to normal, or what in fact, ‘normal’ will be.
Are you working longer hours?
Is your night’s sleep affected as you struggle to switch off?
Have you been swayed by outside influences on what your business should offer now that consumer demand has shifted in general?

We’re all feeling a shift in the way that we are working and what our customers want from us – whether this has a positive or negative impact for ourselves. So what can we do about it?

Try not to overwhelm yourself
It’s so easy at the moment to find yourself in a muddle trying to do all of the things and making slow progress everywhere. Avoid the feeling of wading through treacle by scaling back your actions and focusing on quality rather than quantity.

Focus on the key deliverables
Objectives, mission, strategy – however you term it. Stick to the plan, and the plan will stick!

Are you being a magpie? Normally you may be a determined, focused and structured individual, but if Lockdown life has blurred the edges a little don’t beat yourself up. Try not to get distracted by the next shiny thing and keep going with your current project until completion.

Remember what has worked in the past.

Take the time to remind yourself of your big wins of the past. The times you have been most proud of yourself in your career. We all need a bit of a pat on the back occasionally and if times are tough at the minute, remind yourself of what you have achieved in the past. You will be able to reach those heady heights again with the right mindset and approach.

Have you reviewed your aims and performance throughout the year?
Finally, check back with how you started the year in January. It may seem a while ago, but have you been true to your intentions? If not, you have time to make the shift for the rest of the year

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