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Project Management

Project Management

Project focus work can take a lot of time and energy away from the day to day running of your business. We recognise that you have targets to reach and new initiatives to develop in order to reach your potential, but we also know how overwhelming it can sometimes seem to try and fit in the development of a new system, or plan an event alongside your usual responsibilities. This is an ideal time to outsource work to a Business Support Agency like ourselves.


We can step in, take the lead on project planning, report back to you at regular intervals to ensure that you are happy with progress and then execute the project until completion if necessary.


When outsourcing to PA Today, you are in control. The variety of our skilled business Associates available, means that there is always a pair of hands ready to take on the next step within your project, all you need to do is ask.


We get a buzz from helping our clients get a new project off the ground. We can assist you in integrating existing systems with new and improved tools and we can also carry out a system audit before reviving your existing set-up. Whatever your requirements, we specialise in offering a bespoke service that delivers results and we recognise that one size most definitely doesn’t fit all!


We have a team of specialists that can manage your events; from conception to completion. Often, organizing an event can feel like an unnecessary distraction; taking your attention away from the present and draining your resources and energy. In reality, hosting an event can return impressive revenue and provide opportunities for networking and self promotion for months to come. If you could offload this focus on to somebody else, safe in the knowledge that your event will be project managed by experienced professionals, would you? We recommend you give us a call today to see what we can do for you.


Your customers may come from all walks of life, or you may have a very clear picture of the profile of your ideal customer. Either way, the reason for doing what you do, reaching your end customer, is also our focus. We can help you to maintain this focus by seeking customer feedback on your behalf. Tailored to your needs, with the intention of obtaining the best value from your loyal customer base, our customer research capabilities will help you to thrive within your sector.


If you need an objective eye to analyse your next steps, we can be on hand to help. As a Business Support Agency we love nothing more than getting to the heart of your endeavours and helping you to break down your business strategy into manageable elements. From here, you can often see where your time is best allocated and whether there are areas that you need to focus on.


Get in touch to see how our business support associates can help your business with a project, call us on 07938 549876.

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