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Our team of experienced business professionals are dedicated to helping you and your business save time and money. With 93 Associates we’ve got you covered.
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Project Management

Project Management


Success or failure of your business project rests on several factors, professional experienced advice, guidance, and support is one.


That’s why we’ve drawn on our practical experience of working on projects in a range of businesses and sectors, to create PA Today Project Management Support.


We have a talented and experienced pool of project managers available to support your business projects.


From auditing and redesigning your business processes and systems, to planning an event or project from inception to completion, we offer a bespoke service that delivers results.


The projects we have supported are as varied as our clients; for example, we have


Redesigned and improved business systems, identifying and implementing the best tools and techniques


Organised events, from networking, to product or service launch


Conducted customer and market research


Generated ideas for new products or services, or ways of working


Planned, delivered, and implemented organisational and business change


Provided communications and marketing support


Helped develop business strategy


Our support is tailored to your needs, we have worked with serial entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and medium sized enterprises, and non-profits.


You could be looking for someone to lead your project, an advisor, or simply an extra pair of hands.


Whatever your requirements we will do our utmost to help.


To ensure your project is a success call Pam Allen on 07938 549 876

PA Today can help your business