Research and Insight

Research and Insight


What is Research and Insight?


Research is a systematic investigation to establish facts or principles, or to collect information on a subject.


Insight is the understanding of a complex situation or problem.


Research can tell us what is happening, insight helps us understand why it is happening, and crucially, what to do about it.


Insight enables us to create solutions that work for you.


Why Research and Insight is important for your business


Small-to-medium enterprises, freelancers, consultants, and entrepreneurs can gain a significant advantage by using research and insight, and it doesn’t cost the earth.


How PA Today can help


Understanding your customers and market conditions is essential for running a successful business.


We use research and insight to help our clients improve what they do, this could be researching new products and services, discovering new opportunities, or identifying obstacles they face.


Our skilled and experienced associates use their industry experience and understanding of a range of research methods to deliver


Customer and user experience journey mapping

Data analysis

Stakeholder workshops and events

Focus groups

In-depth interviews

Telephone research

Face to face surveying (research fieldwork)

Online surveys

Customer satisfaction

Mystery shopping

Work studies

Culture change



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