Start-up support

Start-up support


You may have been made redundant and are thinking about working for yourself.  Perhaps you want to build an e-commerce business that suits your family commitments or have just finished university and fancy yourself as the next winner of The Apprentice.


Whatever your motivation to be your own boss, we can help you achieve that dream.


Starting a business can seem a daunting and time-consuming task, and that is why we have developed a bespoke support package for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.


PA Today provides the expertise you need for your business journey.


Your future success rests on a solid foundation of professional experienced advice, guidance, and support.  We will shape your ideas into a tangible plan and assist you in testing the market.  We will help you to structure your company and work with you to decide whether starting as a sole trader, a limited partnership or a limited company is best for you.  We will establish and enhance your online presence.  We will connect you to a business network that grows your referrals and partnerships.  We will introduce you to our trusted network of suppliers ensuring that you don’t burn cash!


We will be with you every step of the way so call PA Today now on 07938 549876 to arrange a free consultation.


Whatever your business challenges, we’ve got you covered.


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