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Pam Allen



Outsourcing business functions so that you can sleep at night and build your empire with PA Today

Outsourcing business functions offers a constructive way to streamline business processes and plan for future growth.

Not every business needs, or wants, to employ full-time or even part-time staff members. And this is why outsourcing non-income generating tasks or projects that require a specific set of skills is the ideal solution.

Outsourced support can include:

As the owner of a business support agency, I know all too well the obstacles and constraints that pile on the pressure and cause problems. As an owner actively managing your business or a CEO, you need a level of support that drives your business. You need the skills to take away the obstacles or overcome them as quickly as possible to keep the business cogs (and your internal cogs) turning.


Why do businesses struggle with workload?

A company can often struggle when the business owner feels stretched due to a lack of resources – financial, systems or personnel. Problems also arise when the business owner (or team) try to take on too much and feel the need to learn everything or control everything.

Take some time to reflect on the challenges you have faced.

Maybe your start-up was slow to gain momentum, you had a lull during the pandemic, or you lost your primary client and couldn’t adapt quickly enough before cash flow became an issue. Or perhaps you’ve been too busy and found it difficult to delegate tasks or focus on profit-generating strategies.

Whatever the level of business you’re at, there’s always a different devil to deal with.

When was the last time that you:

  • Procrastinated over a decision?
  • Aborted to hit the send button for a prospecting email because you felt unworthy?
  • Ditched a proposal because of perfectionist tendencies?
  • Failed to turn an idea into a tangible product because of too much research?
  • Lost a sale because you didn’t follow up in time or couldn’t place your finger on the contact details?

You see, different level, different devil resulting in setbacks due to struggles with workload, knowledge – even overwhelm.

So what’s the solution?

Asking for help and support when you need it.


How can an overloaded business owner gain the support they need?

Outsourcing business functions is easy when you review everything with the bigger picture in mind. It will help you focus on delegating day-to-day operational tasks and see what needs specialist attention to improve efficiency and profitability.

PA Today offers four critical support services that do the heavy lifting to get you where you need to be.


PA support – from £30/hour

PA support is often personal to a business owner and requires strong relationship building to ensure trust and efficiency. Organising your emails, diary and calendar management, call answering, documents and transcription preparation, or course management are just some of the regular day-to-day tasks that can ease the pressure once delegated to a dependable PA.


Project management – from £45/hour

Managing a dedicated project is cost-effective and efficient when you task an expert already familiar with the tools. Projects such as setting up a CRM system, online training platforms, complicated workbooks, logistics planning, data management or managing stock systems can be planned and implemented in a fraction of the time.


Cloud-based bookkeeping and management reports – from £30/hour

Every business needs to understand their financial situation, but they don’t always need to do the number-crunching legwork. A qualified outsourced bookkeeper uses the latest cloud-based accounting platforms to keep the figures in check. From purchase order and invoice management to client admin and management reports, you can gain tailored bookkeeping support that keeps the cash flowing.


Marketing support – from £30/hour

Marketing is a bit like a treasure hunt. You know the end goals and have a strategy, but you don’t have the skills, experienced staff or time to implement it. Outsourced marketing support is tailored to match the needs of the business and includes social media content creation, email design, telesales and website management.

PA Today offers a virtual or on-site service depending on the sector and location of your business.


Choose outsourcing business functions from the professionals

If you think you need support in any area of your business, then pick up the phone and talk to us today. No pressure, no strings attached; let’s have a conversation to see if we can help each other.


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